AMP for WP Integration how to reach technical piwik team


im using on my website Amp for WP Plugin, please see here:

The Plugin has the possibility for tracking AMP Requests with

The Team from AMP tried to contact the technical team of piwik,pro as they need a technical conversion, but they never heard back.

How the technical team can be contacted of Piwik Pro, so im able to replace google tracking in AMP as well with Piwik??


Hello @sall,

The plugin would need to support our tracking - we are indeed not compatible with Matomo, which it currently supports. I will provide more information about how the team responsible for the plugin can contact us via a private message.

In the meantime, you can use our existing solution for AMP, which works by installing a snippet in your website HTML. Here’s the documentation: Developers portal - AMP integration

Thank you Piotrek for the Information.