Call tracking and missing audience manager tab


I need to set up call tracking on A you notice they have a click to call phone number at the top.

My trigger configuration is Click ID equals et-info-phone. Is this correct?

Also I’m trying to create audiences to import into Google Ads, and this article (Export an audience to Google Ads | Piwik PRO help center) tells me to go to Menu > Audience Manager, but I don’t have that option in the menu. Any idea on why that might be?

Hi @Silvia_Coletto,

I see that Click ID is not available for this specific click event. You can always check what’s available via Tag Manager debugger:

Without changing the HTML structure, I’d stick to the elementUrl variable. Here’s a configuration that should work for this use case:

As for your second question, you would need a license for Audience Manager which is not available in the Core plan.