Campaign traffic query

I there,

We have have Linkedin ads campaign running, and ad is UTM tagged. Upon checking Linkedin Campaign manager, when can see 299 clicks on the ads and piwik reports 12 Sessions and 14 pageviews on the campaign landing page.

I tested the url in the debugger (?_stg_debug) and I can see the following:

It seems good as I can see the campaign name on as a parameter in the pageView event. However If I check the debugger in Piwik Pro

The Parameter seems to be stripped on the page view

If I check the payload in more details from the debugger, I see the following: I was expecting to see campaingn, source and medium extracted as parameters in the payload…Should it be the case?

Thank you.


Hi @cgoasduff,

This data is extracted from the url parameter in payload:

And saved in session dimensions:

And as they are saved in session scope, they are not shown per event in tracker debugger as this would be a waste of space (all events would have to have this data shown because session data is the same for each event in session)