UTM Shows wrong number of Sessions

Hello All,

I am looking for help regarding campaign analytics. I have applied UTM to landing page. When checking performance of campaign in Piwikpro the result is around ten times smaller than in LinkedIn Campaign manager.

Where can the problem be?

Hi there!

I am not sure of how your campaign is set up, but some differences in data between tools are expected - because of how the data is processed. For example, there could be bots which will be excluded in PP, but not in Linkedin Campaign Manager, Piwik PRO tracking could be blocked by an adblock, different visits coming from the same recognized user might be connected into one session while Linkedin could count them as separate.

No matter the cause, I would still recommend reviewing your setup on both ends :smiling_face:

Hello Sara,

Thank you for your comment.
Could you advise from where should I start checking this from PP side?