Can we use an existing consent form rather than Piwik's?


I wouldl like to create a tag that is going to fire on a certain trigger but only when the marketing cookies have been accepted by the visitor.

It seems the only for me to do so is to select the consent type “conversion tracking” and add the required trigger for my tag to fire.

I assume the “conversion tracking” consent type is only going to work if a consent form is turned on.

My client already has their own CMP (complianz) and thereby their own consent form set up on their website for people to select their cookie perferences.

Can I set up and use the consent type “conversion tracking” while using my client’s own consent form? Or is it mandatory to use Piwik’s consent form if I want to fire tags in a GDPR compliant way?

In advance, thank you for your quick reply.

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hi @BossData, welcome back to our Community!

You can use an external consent form with Piwik PRO, it will require you to adapt a bit though.
Here’s an article that you should find useful: How can I integrate a third-party cookie consent tool with Piwik PRO? | Piwik PRO help center


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