Removing consent types when only using Piwik Pro tag

I am using no tags except Piwik PRO.

  • In Data collection I only have outlinks and downloads turned on
  • I have no dimensions or custom variables
  • In Privacy only “Use visitor cookies” is on
  • I only have “page view” as a trigger (with no conditions or audiences defined)

When I go to Consent manager I see a list of consent types that includes Analytics, A/B testing and personalization, Conversion tracking, Marketing automation, Remarketing, User feedback and Custom consent.

How can I make it so this only lists Analytics? Do I need to set up a custom consent form?

hi @mvuijlst ,

Simply make sure that you choose Analytics only in your Piwik PRO tag in your Piwik PRO account, otherwise your consent form will display other consent options.

The next step you need to do is to define what way you want to display the consent form: as a large popup or bottom bar; as you want to display only consent for analytics go ahead and mark Form with one consent type:

You should also revise the content to be displayed and make sure you link the Privacy Policy to your document available online.

Please let me know if this helps.

I only have the Piwik PRO tag active, and even when I set Consent to “No consent is required” I get Analytics, A/B testing and personalization, Conversion tracking, Marketing automation, Remarketing, User feedback and Custom consent in the Consent manager.

Can you share the screenshots, please? It will be easier for me to help when I see it.
Please show me what is your setup in Consent Manager, Piwik PRO tag, and what’s displayed on your webpage.


Hello, we’re new on Piwik Pro and trying to set the consent form on our website.
You said Analytics consent is like a default setting. We’re only using the Piwik Pro tag. In the Tag Manager I set the “Type of consent” on “Custom content”, but Analytics isn’t showing on the “One or multiple types of consent form”, only the custom content consent.

How can I make only Analytics and Custom content consents appear on the “One or multiple types of consent form” ?

Thank you !

For the detailed response please see below.


I did everything you said, then I go on the site, I see Analytics and Custom consent but if I reload the page or try on private browser or another device, including smartphone or my colleagues’ computers, the “Analytics” consent doesn’t appear.

All right @Ville_de_Royan let me consult your case with our developers, I’ll get back to you.

Hi @Ville_de_Royan,
I consulted the situation and I realised I made an error when explaining it.
Ground rule: consent types that appear on the form are the types that you use in your tags, so in our case: if you have only Piwik PRO tag with Analytics set as the consent required - your consent form reads only this type of consent required so Analytics will be the consent users are asked for.
If you add another tag, let’s say a custom tag which will require consent for AB testing and personalisation - then consent form will read it from the tag and will list both (Analytics and AB testing and personalisation).

Hope now I managed to explain it clearer, please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Thank you @TymekGF for the explanations.

I will make some tests and come back to you if necessary.