Is there any way to configure a Tag to fire only outside of the GDPR and GDPR UK?

I would like to load an alternative privacy notice outside of the GDPR and UK. I would prefer not to use a geo-targeting api on my site and am wondering if there is any way to do this via a content Tag, perhaps a condition that checks if the ppms_privacy_* cookie has been set?


Hi @Martin_O,

I think it might be a bit difficult to recognize visitors outside of the mentioned regions without having some sort of GeoIP matching first. Perhaps if you have your website split up into different countries (e.g. or then it would be possible.

When it comes to the Piwik PRO setting that you might have seen before:

When it’s enabled and the visitor enters from one of the regions not included in GDPR/UK GDPR we will add some additional headers to the request and dynamically disable the Consent Manager in the Piwik PRO container. This means that there is no Consent Managment API and no ppms_privacy cookie.

If you decide to use this setting, I think you should be able to insert the custom consent form based on the Consents built-in Tag Manager variable. It should return undefined in case the consent manager gets disabled.

Thank-you for the explanation. I have managed to get it working by checking for the setting of the privacy cookie after a 3 second delay. The delay is not ideal, but if I make it shorter it sometimes loads the other script before the cookie. I will also try the other method you suggest and load it when the Consents JS variable returns undefined.

I implemented Google consent mode v2 integration according to the following instruction: Google consent mode v2 integration | Piwik PRO help center

I’d like to continue using the “Ask for consent only in countries under the GDPR and UK GDPR” setting.
But in that case, for non-GDPR countries, I shouldn’t use the default consent command (denied), because it won’t ever get updated.

You mentioned “Consents built-in Tag Manager variable” here.
How can I use it, in a Trigger, for example?

Hi @Konrad_C,

When it comes to using it in triggers, it may differ depending on the trigger type. E.g.

  • You can use the variable “out of the box” with dataLayer triggers
  • But you can’t use it with page view ones as we usually suggest using consent types instead of checking the consent variable in the trigger condition

That said, you can create a pretty easy workaround for the triggers in which the Consents variable is missing. You can use a custom variable to simply return the content of the Consents variable. Since we don’t limit the usage of custom variables in trigger conditions, you’ll see it’s available in the drop down list:

By the way, would using region-specific defaults solve the issue here?

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Wow, I didn’t notice Google offers the ability to set country-specific defaults!
I will surely check this out!

Thank you!

Works like a charm!
Thanks once more!

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