Can't get tracking to work without errors

Been working on this for an hour, and this is as far as I get in Tracker Debugger:

Broken event
Error message: Deserialization of log failed: cannot parse integer from empty string at line 1 column 1701

Seems like this should be easier. Here’s the website if you want to see the code:

Update: I can see others’ visits, but my own visits trigger this error.

Please send a raw request (look at the pic how to get it). We’ll take a look.
By the way, we have an idea how to improve these messages and plan to deliver it relatively quickly.

It appears it’s working now, thank you for your reply. Not sure what changed, maybe it needed a bit of time, or maybe someone went in and fixed it.

I’m glad that I helped :)).
If the problem occurs again, please drop a raw request, it will be easier to debug.

@Sean We did add a more verbose version of messages in broken events. Now you will see which tracking parameter broke the tracking request.