Raw data not being showed

When I click on the raw data in the tracker debugger, I am receiving this message:

Any idea why?

Some additional information would be helpful:

  • Does that happen for all events or only for specific ones?
  • Some useful information can be available in the browser’s dev tools:
    • In the “Network” tab, filter out requests by “log” keyword and in the tracker debugger open “Raw request” pop up.
    • Check also if there are any errors in the “Console” tab

These events are sent via the HTTP API.
So, no browser dev tools for these.

The question was ore about errors returned by the endpoint used to render that data in the Analytics UI.

I am not sure I understand your comment.

Clicking the </> icon triggers a request in the background. Something like that:

Request URL: https://yourname.piwik.pro/api/tracker/v1/log?app_id=<id>&log_uuids=<log-id>&server_time_min=2022-12-22T10%3A49%3A10.158904&server_time_max=2022-12-22T11%3A26%3A23.000000

Normally it returns a json object. Maybe in your case it shows a detailed error message that results in being not able to load data.

It is not happening on all events.

Just on some.

Sure, can you check it also on the network tab (Response section)?

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Thank you, that’s enough feedback that will speed up debugging. :slight_smile:

Hi Yves!
It would be very helpful if you could show us screenshot with “payload” tab results being shown in full (on the failed request) - that way we could check if this is an front-end error or something more complex :slight_smile: