Error code caused by a custom event

hello all,

I am new to piwik and do not have much experience. I have created a cutomer events through the tag manager. I have selected under the trigger the selection Click on Elements when an element is clicked. It also fires in debug mode. I sometimes get an error message when I look at the events under Session Logs. The error message is: Incorrect event
Error message: Tracking parameter e_v has invalid value. invalid float literal at line 1 column 1230. What does this mean?

Hi. When you hover over the mentioned event, a </> icon should appear which opens the raw request log. Could you share the line with full URL including the e_v parameter and its value?


error.json (2.1 KB)


the e_v have a null value and url is url": “TEST - K2 Base”,

Event value field should be float, not a string (text). See the docs here.