Change order of cookie categories in consent form

the consent manager seems pretty basic and beta to say the least. I cannot change the order of the cookie categories, but I can change the rotation of the elements? Would also be great to be able to create custom categories and hide the language dropdown if only one language is active (it’s actually empty now but the html tag is still there, adding empty space).
I guess I’ll have to use the JS API to make a custom form that’s acceptable.

Hi. To have a full flexibility, it’s recommended to use custom consent form. Here you have access to working examples.

Regarding custom categories, currently there’s one additional slot for that.

As for the language dropdown, can you provide a screenshot?

never mind the language thing, it’s actually gone when there’s just one active language, just a lot of padding that’s all.


thanks but then how to get all the other elements to work also? Like…
the reminder at the bottom, the “privacy settings on your page”, the “Form to collect data requests”, the success and error messages etc.

It’s a shame that just minor changes require to change the entire setup apparently.

Hi. Thanks for the feedback.

There is an example that you just need a button with id set to PiwikPROConsentForm-open-consent-form. You can style it whatever you like.

The code for that is available in Consent Manager → Forms → Privacy policy → Form to collect data requests. You can take the code and customize the look & feel however you want.

As for other items, I’ll forward that to the team so that more examples are published.

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