Consent Manager - Form Adjustment & Cookie assignment

Hey Guy’s,

i’m new here and i want to understand two things. The help center was not helpful for my questions.

How i can add cookies from my website (Shopify store) which will be used for technical things like payment or forms, to the Piwik consent manager and assign them to a consent preference?

How i can edit the preference list in the consent list form?

I want to remove the default values and build own groups like “technical”, “performance” and “marketing” consents.

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Hey Torben, happy to have you here! :slight_smile:

Re 1: Cookies that are required for your site to function should be marked as “does not require consent” in Tag Manager → Advanced tag settings. Our approach is that since the essential cookies don’t require consent you just list them in your privacy policy. Our consent manager is different from Cookiebot/Onetrust as it doesn’t rely on scanning the site. You control your whole stack using our Tag Manager and you assign the processing categories.

Re 2: Just edit the caption in Consent Manager → Consent forms → Edit.

One downside to this is that you need to remember the association between the category inside our software to the caption on the frontend.

Hey @piotr,

thanks for your fast reply.

Re1: I don’t have the “Advanced tags settings” in the Tag Manager interface.
Are these settings only available in the enterprise plan? I have only the core plan.

Re2: Is it possible to change the consent categories at all?
I just want a list with the three mentioned categories and not all categories, if they will be used. There is no option in the form customise settings to remove a consent group block.

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Re 1:
I’m sorry there was another step in the flow: Tag Manager → Tags → select a tag → Advanced tag settings. Here’s a screenshot:

Re 2:
You decide what each of the consent category is in your business case.

Getting back to your original question: the consent manager will only show consent categories that are actually used in tag manager. You can certainly limit yourself to 2 categories: “performance” and “marketing” (putting information about technical cookies to privacy policy). The way I’d do it would be to:

  1. change the caption in Consent Manager for Conversion tracking → “Performance” and Marketing automation → “Marketing”.
  2. assign consent type in Tag Manager for each Performance technology “Conversion tracking” and Marketing technology “Marketing automation”.

The end user won’t see what the category is called within our software, all they will see is the category name you have given it.

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Hey @piotr,

thanks for your help.

Could you also help with my question, how to include cookies/scripts into the PP consent manager, from my website. For example Shopify set cookies to remember returning user or store payment preferences in my checkout. How i can include system cookies when i don’t set a tag with the PP consent manager?


Torben, our tag manager/consent manager won’t go beyond the scope of tools you install through it. We recommend that (1) you scan your site with one of the scanners available out there (2) assess if they’re strictly necessary (3) add them to privacy policy. All those not strictly necessary, should not be installed.

Here’s our scanner: Free Online Cookie Scanner | Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

I’d recommend learning more about cookies/trackers set up by Shopify directly. Here’s a good starting point: Cookies and customer tracking · Shopify Help Center