Changing cookie settings link to a button

Our client EWI ( has sent us some feedback about their consent form. According to their DPO, the cookie settings should not be a link and it should be a button, with the same size as the ‘Accept all’ or ‘Reject all’ button.

She states that that is obligatory for GDPR that all buttons share the same size of button, but Ive never heard of that rule…

Anyhow: is it even possible to change the Cookie settings link, make it a button and place it under the two other buttons?

Hi Jurgen,

We’ve never heard of such guideline. If you could ask your DPO to provide the link to laws/guidelines they base their claim on then we could comment.

Right now the default design is that:

  • accept/reject are same size
  • there’s a show detailed settings button/link available right after the editable notice
  • there’s a link to privacy policy that should host your privacy policy widgets & detailed information on your vendors and scope of personal data processing

Hope this helps.


When it comes to styling, it could look more like a button after applying border and background. You could also use the custom consent form to fully adjust it to your needs.

Thank you Kuba an Piotr. I have sent your feedback to the client am waiting for their answers. Keep you posted.

Hello guys. Our client sent this link to me. It is only available in Dutch and French but it could be helpful.

What it says is contradictory. In their conclusion they say this:
Absence of a “refuse all” type button at the same level as the “accept all” button.
Most data protection authorities, including the GBA (Belgian privacy department), took the view that this was a breach and that the user of a website should simultaneously have the option to accept or reject the placement/reading of cookies on their device.

So it doesn’t mention the settings button, but in their page the also include this image which is confusing: