Confirming that the WordPress plugin works?

I have the WP plugin installed on 2 sites, one WooCommerce and one vanilla WP. Neither site is tracking any data, and neither site is showing the tracking code in the page source - but both sites include the script with function(window, document, dataLayerName, id) in the page source.

Containers have been setup for both sites last week, and the date range in the dashboards are set to the last 3 months, and neither site has any data yet.

I do have my home IP address blacklisted, and after doublechecking all settings, and clearing all caches, I opened both sites on my phone (connected to LTE & not wifi), and the Tracker Debugger showed both (and one site showed 2 more visits from 10 min ago from the west coast).

I checked both sites in the Console’s network tab and the Woo site shows ppms.js but the other site does not.

I’m cautiously optimistic that hits showing in the Tracker Debugger is a good sign, but is there anything else I need to do?

Hi @JonnuBaskerville,

Could you validate if your theme contains the wp_body_open() function?
The following community thread mentions it.

if not, you would be able to solve it by following this thread: Tracking doesn't work wich custom wordpress theme - #3 by p.niewiadomski

Would that help?


One site uses GeneratePress Pro and the other uses Shoptimizer, and I’ve not had any issues with other plugins adding code. I’m testing another analytic system that also uses a WP plugin and that plugin has no problems with gathering data.