Consent Mode & Data modelling Piwik


Do we have a similar feature like consent mode modeling in GA4 within Piwik ? what happens when consent mode V2 is activated? and we use GTM for current setup?

Do you have any documentations about this? Google is asking to implement consent mode V2 before March 6th to avoid losing tracking; After March 6th : Remarketing & Conversions will be off unless we have consent mode V2


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The change from Google’s side should not affect the Piwik PRO consent form in any way as it is integrated with the Tag Manager module only. Also, there will be a GCM integration soon that will allow consent decisions from Piwik PRO’s consent form to be shared with GTM.

Does that mean we will need to leverage GTM and not Google’s tag manager for consent mode / Europe advertising?

Believe last heard was that Googles requirement only occurs if actively sending conversion tracking etc in Europe - so do not believe will impact users not doing that directly but not sure