Google Consent Mode with Piwik PRO Consent & Tag Manager


We’re using Piwik PRO Consent & Tag Managers, and we are running ads with Google Ads. We’re using the built-in Google Ads conversion & remarketing tags.

As Google announced the release of its new Consent Mode, it’s clear that this is will soon be mandatory for advertisers to use it (by March 2024): Google announces Consent Mode v2 - What does it mean?.

I don’t think Piwik PRO is a certified Google CMP partner: How can I implement Google Consent Mode using Piwik PRO Consent & Tag Managers?

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I used Google’s documentation: Administrar la configuración de consentimiento (Web)  |  Security and Privacy hub  |  Google for Developers.

By following gtag.js method, you should be able to install Consent Mode with Piwik PRO Tag & Consent Managers. Make sure you trigger the tags in the correct order: default values first.

You can verify your implementation following these instructions: Manage consent settings (web)  |  Security and Privacy hub  |  Google for Developers.
I personally used the Network tab & Google Tag Assistant to check my setup.

I hope this will help!

Hello @Thomas_Anode_FR
Did you have a look at this :

Hello @romainproximity,

I did, but I think that following Google’s guidelines is better. The main reason is that it clearly invites you to set default values to “denied” first. It is not the case in this Piwik PRO’s tutorial: it’s only update commands.

Additionally, Google’s guidelines integrate the new parameters “ad_user_data” and “ad_personalization”. I think Piwik PRO documentation would benefit from a little update. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, sorry for not responding earlier - we are working on an update :saluting_face:.

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Hi @anthonybartczak ,
The first step to integrate Google Consent Mode v2, with all the denied default.
It must be on the webpages code, or can it be a tag in Tag Manager ?
Thanks for your help,

Hi @christophe.henaff,

In my opinion (and Google’s documentation mentions this method) it’s best to embed the defaults directly in your website, before any tag managment or tracking tool is loaded. It’s the safest way because it skips potential issues with 3rd party tools.