Consent popup keeps popping up

Hi there,
I have installed Piwik on a client site - but the consent popup keeps popping up on all pageviews. I can’t find any solution for this so can you please look into it?

Best regards,

Hi. I checked and it works for me. Maybe there are some issues on your end with storing cookies? Can you test it in incognito mode or using different browser?

Hi Kuba - it does indeed work as it should in incognito mode - but my Chrome browsing instances keep having the problem even when I clear cookies and everything. I am working a lot on this site so even though it might not be a general problem for all users it would be great to find out why I am experiencing this. Any ideas?

I’d start by checking if the ppms_privacy_* cookie is stored correctly after closing the popup. Then I’d review all the installed plugins and their configurations.