Consent banner keeps popping up

Our developers have updated Homepage | Educam to a recent of the framework that’s build on (Drupal). Since the update, we are having problems with Piwik’s consent banner. It keeps popping up on every single page and seems to forget the consent someone has given.

We have checked if we are using the latest version of the banner and it does seem like that. Could someone please help?

Hi @jurgen.vandevelde,

Are you using the default consent form or a custom consent form?

If the default consent form keeps popping up then the most likely scenario is that the ppms_privacy cookies is getting deleted on each page.

It is the default one.

Yeah, it looks like something (a plugin perhaps?) on your website is wiping cookies on each page view.

I’ll check

we see multiple ppms privacy cookies. Is that normal?

Depends on the cookie domain. We only use first party cookies. If you see a cookie from domain then it could be a cookie added by product analytics inside your Piwik PRO instance.