It doesn't display correctly in Chrome, why?. Policy Privacy CONSENT DEMO BANK

Hello, everyone!!!

I am a recent user of PIWIK and it is happening to me that in the chrome browser version Version 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64 bits), it does not look good to me, on the bank site CONSENT / DEMOBANK the page, however I have tried in others browsers that I have on my computer such as edge and firefox and brave and it works great.

The thing is that the first time I visited the demo site page it worked perfectly but now it doesn’t show up properly in chrome, although it can be read. is there any reason?. If you can help me I would appreciate it.

P.S. Attached screen of how it looks in Google Chrome.

Kind regards, good day!


Could you please send the url of the page where you made the screenshot?

Did you try to visit the website in Google incognito mode?


Hello Maciej, good morning

Thanks for your help. The url is this:

I haven’t tried in incognito mode. I’m going to try it.

How I have previously written in other browsers does not give any problem, at least for now.


Are you still able to reproduce the issue? Works for me.