Consent to Google Maps & Youtube

I am running a WordPress Site and switched from GTM + GA4 + Borland Cookies to Piwik Pro.

In Borland Cookies I had a setting that embedded YouTube videos and Google Maps iFrames were covered by an overlay with a consent-button (because both set cookies). Only if consent was given the content has been shown.

How can I accomplish this with Piwik Pro?


You can add the iframe element dynamically using javascript in our tag manager and set the tag to a specific consent type. This way the iframe will only be embedded once the user gave his consent.

The solution above has its downsides though when you have a lot of iframes to embed and in order to solve that what you could do is add a new attribute to the parent div of the element which would contain the iframe and add the base64 encoded iframe element as the attribute value. After that you can easily create a tag that would decode the base64 iframe element and embed it on the website whenever the consent has been given.