Conversion discrepancy Dashboard vs Built-in Acquisition Reports

Hi everyone
We have a Paid Ads dashboard tracking paid channels performance.
Given the same time frame, we can see that the paid ads dashboard shows 0 conversions for a given source medium (reddit), but when we check Reports > Acquisition > Channels or Campaigns, reddit has 4 conversions.

Maybe it’s a very obvious thing but checking filters and all I can’t think of what’s causing the discrepancy.
Thank YOU

What is the date range that you checked?

Reddit is within the source / medium widget that you set up, however, due to the limitations in the rows that can be shown in the widget it is not as prevalent as other sources. So, the results that are within the widget, which can only have the maximum number of 20 rows, will not equal the results in the default reports as these can have 100 or even more rows and can span out to multiple pages in the reporting page.

Can you show all filters? Maybe you are filtering something too much or there is logic problem.

Hi @asinior thanks for replying.
July 1st till October 23rd. On all the pages/dashboard.
The row limitation can’t be the issue, I mean reddit is showing up on our dashboard widget along with others and while others do show the conversions, reddit stays 0, and only on our dashboard.
Unless I am not getting at what you mean :frowning:

HI @Jakub_Fidala

While on Built-in reports > Campaigns, reddit/paid = conversions OK

thank you

whats the 4rd filter? try adding sessions to dashboard, or filtering just / paid in separate dashboard just for test

make sure you have same data range on both views, because that happend to me few times :slight_smile:

What about setting a Goal conversion is greater than 1 in the filter metrics of your widget report? Just as the following:

When I added the condition along the Source contains reddit filter condition for the same date span as you applied, I could see these conversions for reddit appearing on the widget’s report, so the results for reddit paid campaigns are clearly there in the widget, but I assume that due to the size of the report they were not prevalent as other campaigns:

Also, I deleted the Source contains reddit filter and tried to see if these conversions and results for reddit will appear in the widget along other campaigns, and this was the outcome:

Please try to include the Goal conversions is greater than 1 in the edit section of the widget report.
Let me know if this would resolve the issue.