Conversion rate issue in Looker Studio

Hi, we’re still experiencing the same issue. Could you check the status please?
The clients are getting impatient.

Hi @analyticskeener! We are now finally in the process of developing a new version of the Looker Studio connector and we’re fixing the reported issues one by one. We have already managed to recreate that particular issue with wrong numbers in scorecards and we are now implementing a fix for it. The exact date of release has not been set yet, but it will be really soon. For sure we’ll release a new version with a batch of fixes this quarter. (We have this limitation of the process of upgrades being fully manual - thus we don’t want to force the users to go through this too often. In parallel, we’re working on a new authorization flow which will allow us to get our integration released in Google’s Community Connector Gallery and get rid of manual upgrades). Stay tuned, I’ll give you an update when we set the release date.

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Hi @analyticskeener, in Piwik’s Goals section you can see an already calculated conversion rate in the scope of all the sessions - the formula is:
Goal conversion rate = (Sessions with a completed goal / All sessions) * 100%.

While the “Goals” section displays this calculated value for a specific goal, e.g.:


Both the custom reports in Piwik and the looker studio can display the exact same value using the summary rows:


The data you get basically mean:

  • The specific row has x sessions with successful conversions (hence 100% conversion rate for a specific row)
  • The last, null row returns all of the sessions without a specific goal assign (hence 0% conversion rate since no goal was selected here)

You can enable the summary row in the “setup” pane:

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this topic, thank you for your feedback!