Conversion Rate 100 % - Lookerstudio's Scorecard Problem

In Piwik’s Goals section, each goal’s conversion rate shows relevant data such as:
Näyttökuva 2023-8-23 kello 16.02.02

Once I try to preview the data in Google Lookerstudio by selecting goal conversion rate and a filter that includes only certain goal the scorecard shows 100 %.
Näyttökuva 2023-8-23 kello 16.07.50

Any ideas how to get the right numbers to Lookerstudio? :slight_smile:


Could you share the exact filter definition you used in Looker Studio?

Hi! Are you working on the ‘Goal name’ dimension? While analyzing goals, you shouldn’t use the goal name as a dimension together with the goal conversion rate. The counting mechanism will limit data to sessions during which the goal was achieved and the goal conversion rate will always show 100%.

Please, let me know if this tip helps :slight_smile:

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I tried different methods:

  1. Goal name uuid equal to Goal name in Piwik.

  1. Goal name uuid equal to Goal ID in Piwik

  2. OR custom event name equal to custom event name in PIwik.

  3. Custom metric counting the conversion rate: (I know this is not the pattern that should be used when counting conversion rate which is “goal (completions/sessions)*100” but this pattern gives somewhat little bit more realistic results for conversion rate than other patterns)
    Näyttökuva 2023-8-25 kello 11.41.48

How to get the conversion rate for Lookerstudio scorecard for a single conversion? Thanks :slight_smile: