How to capture functional / other cookies in Piwik Consent Manager

Hi there
We use Piwik Consent Manager for quite a few client websites, we find the integration with Piwik Tag Manager extremely helpful.
However, we are unsure of how to make sure cookies that are not managed through Piwik Tag Manager, such as functional website cookies, YouTube video cookies, etc. are also subject to a user’s consent settings.
Could you show me how to do this? Of if not yet available, is there a timeline of when it would be?
Thank you

Hi @jurgen.vandevelde,

Our consent form does not manage any cookies outside of Piwik PRO, if particular script uses cookies and is implemented by our tag manager then you can decide if the tag will fire after consent is given. For cases like youtube cookies we have a guide on help center that shows you what to do How can I block embedded videos, maps and other iframes on my site for visitors who didn't give consent? | Piwik PRO help center

I’ve created Feature Request for this capability, but if you would need a proper solution, I recommend using cookie information as a CMP tool as it already have those capabilities, we recently released a tag that makes the integration seamless.