Custom channel grouping

In some of our websites we see that traffic coming from e-mails are collected as Direct traffic and sometimes as Campaign traffic. To avoid issues, I created a test custom channel grouping in here: Analytics

Is this okay like this? Will it start measuring right away? Where will I find this extra channel grouping? Will it automatically show up in the Acquisition report?

Hi @jurgen.vandevelde!

The custom channel grouping will be applied to all data available in the Analytics module - the data that is already there and data that will be tracked in the future.

Custom channel groupings can be used in reports - you can select them from the Dimensions tab. It’s best to create a separate custom report to use them.

Hi Anthony thanks for the fast input.

Will the new CCG appear on this page (Analytics) without me intervening or do I have to do something first?

@jurgen.vandevelde The custom channel grouping won’t appear automatically in the default Channels report. It’s not really possible to aggregate both the default channel dimension and a custom channel grouping (use it side by side).

You can define a custom channel grouping that also includes the default ones, so you don’t have to use the default channels dimension.

I have created an example custom channel grouping to show you how you can set it up. It’s called Custom channel. There’s also a copy of the default Channels report called Channels + mail traffic. I think it should actually cover your case :slight_smile: .

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