Google/cpc sessions in direct channel

in a new custom report I found some strange relation between channels and source/medium.
For example there are some google/cpc sessions in direct channel and some microsoft/cpc sessions in social channel.
It’s the same in the standard channel report, adding source/medium as a second dimension.
They are small numbers, but I can’t understand how can it happen.

Can anybody help me?
Thank you.

Hi @muttley90!

Could you send me the URL of this custom report? You can do it either here or in a private message.

It seems that e.g. google / cpc is missing the campaign name and that’s why it was assigned to the Direct entry channel (covered some entries that you didn’t mention in your screenshot) :

More information on the channel recognition can be found here:

Thank you Anthony.

The page you linked says Direct Entry is only when source=direct and medium=direct and that’s not the case. May I assume that the Direct Entry channel acts like the (Others) channel in Google Analytics, meaning that it receives all the traffic that can’t be assigned to other channels?

Sorry, I didn’t read it well enough.
It clearly says " If Piwik PRO goes through all the steps and still cannot assign a channel, it will default to categorizing it as Direct entry ."

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