Custom Consent Form and Consent stat tracking

I’m using Cookie Information as my consent system, and I’d like to integrate it with the Consent Tracking report in Piwik analytics, so that I can see the “No decision” rate.
But unfortunately, I don’t see any numbers in “No decision” - it’s just a flat 0.

Is it supposed to work with Custom Form? Otherwise I’m considering making my own “No decision” metric that is calculated like so:

( {consent_form_impressions} - ({consents_full}+{consents_none}) )

My setup is as follows:
I fire these two functions when the Cooke Information popup is shown:"setInitialComplianceSettings", { consents: ["analytics"] });'trackMainFormView')

And then when a decision is made (1 when consent, 0 when not)

var hasConsent = getConsent();"setComplianceSettings", { consents: { analytics: { status: hasConsent ? 1 : 0 } } } );
if (hasConsent)"trackAgreeToAllClick")

Hi anpolunar!

The No decisions metric’s formula is consent pop-up impressions - decisions (consent or rejection).

As long as you are using"track<interaction>") methods to gather statistics in your integration, these numbers should show up in the Consent report.