Create/Link Custom Report to Dashboard Widget

I have created quite a few custom reports and for ease-of-use utilized the dashboard for my supervisor to quickly look at data without having to know which reports to open.

The problem I find is that I have to essentially create a custom report twice.
Once in custom reports, and then again as a dashboard widget.

I think it would be a great feature to have “Add Widget” populate an option “Custom Report” that once clicked allows you to select an already created custom report graph to display in the dashboard.

Solves the problem of not only wasting time creating a report twice but keeping 2 data sources in sync. Ultimately just having this link to that report graph.

Would be greatly beneficial to how I utilize PIWIK.

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Hi John!

Thank you for your valuable input! I’ve created a feature request based on your feedback and the appropriate teams will be notified :smiling_face: