Custom report shows no total sum for added fields

Hi all,

I tried to set a custom report for my campaigns including the revenue.
All worked fine, but the ecommerce overview field is still empty and shows no sum like in the default reports

Regards Martin


Could you please share a URL of the site that you are experiencing the issues on? You can leave it here under the thread or share it with me via dm.

Our website is . I tried to put campaign and revenue together in one report

There are metrics called “Sum of product revenue” and “Sum of revenue” which resolve the issue. You can add them by adding “Product revenue” or “Revenue” dimensions into the table section and then clicking on them in the table. As soon as you click on them, a dropdown menu should come up under the dimensions and you will be able to choose the “Sum of X” metric.

As soon as you click on the “Sum of X” option and save the report with these new metrics, you should be able to see the sum of revenue or product revenue in your custom report.

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