Data Views or a segment applied by default to see both Raw Data & External Traffic

Hey there!

I would like to have 2 data views. First: Raw Data and second: External Traffic.
Currently i have a segment to exclude the internal traffic. My question would be if there is a way to make this more understandable.
Is it possible to change the segment “All Visitors”?
Is it possible via the filter under Administration → “Don’t collect data from these IP addresses”, to first filter the IP addresses and then add them back via a segment to have the raw data?

Thank you in advance
Lasse Offt

It’s not possible to select a default segment that would be different than “All visitors”. Also, once some events are excluded, it’s not possible to recover them. I’d like to better understand your need here. For instance, would the ability to compare more than 2 segments solve your problem? Or maybe it’s more about having the default view set to the one you’re using the most?

The second one. I would like the default view to be set to the one we use most often. Because the default view right now includes the internal Traffic and you have to switch the Segment to have the more used view: exclude internal Traffic.

A problem could be that someone does not know about the segments and thinks that the default view is only the external traffic.

Do you have a Best Practise for this? Or do we just have to teach all our employees :joy:

The most clean solution would be to simply exclude internal traffic from tracking, but I understand that sometimes it cannot be done. I’ll fill a feature request for the product teams. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. In general, we need the ability to apply a “global segment” or something similar to Views known from GA3.

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Yes, that would be a very nice feature, maybe you can keep me updated.
Thank you! @kuba