Datastudio missing metrics and not working with filters

Hi all, could someone shed some light on the below issues:

  1. Average session time - this seems to be missing in DataStudio as not available in metrics. Dividing session time / sessions gives close enough result if no filters are used, but if you filter a DataStudio page with e.g. contains /blog/, it does not work.

  2. Average time on page - missing too and cant calculate.

  3. Source or default channel grouping pies work fine without a filter, but if you use a page filter like “only pages with /blog/” you can not create channel pies as it duplicates the source (per sessions?):

  4. Nor does it seem to work when choosing e.g. default channel to table and wanting their average session duration to see which channel works best.

Please help :slight_smile:

Hello @Kirsi,

We will check all 4 cases and get back to you with more information.

We reviewed everything and most of the issues come from the fact that the whole process works in two steps: first, Data Studio gets all of the values from Piwik PRO Analytics and then, it does its own processing, which doesn’t always produce the right results.

We want to improve that and we will also look into introducing metrics with averages. We are planning to release an update to the connector, which should be ready next month. Stay tuned for further updates.