Debug pop up does not appear when testing newly created tag

We are experiencing an issue in Piwik Pro when launching the debug mode to test our newly created tags and triggers.

When clicking on the “debug” button" on the top right-hand corner of the tags section, our website opens in a new tab. However, the debug pop up does not appear. This makes it difficult for us to test tags and triggers.

Hi @Dona_94!

Could you send me the URL address of your website? It can be either here or in a private message.

Could you show how your add to cart tag is configured and how does the dataLayer look like for this particular event?

This is the data layer code

function addToCart(){
‘value’:‘<?php echo $total_price ?>’,
‘item_id’:‘<?php echo $ticket_id ?>’,
‘item_name’:‘<?php echo $ticket_name ?>’,
‘item_brand’:‘<?php echo $brand ?>’,
‘item_category’:‘<?php echo $category ?>’,
‘price’:‘<?php echo $ticket_price ?>’,
‘quantity’:‘<?php echo $qty ?>’

It’s best to post an example of actual values and not the function responsible for generating it. You can always send it in a private message if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it here.

Please also post a screenshot of the add to cart tag setup with the variable mapping visible.

I have noticed the debugger window reloading every time the page gets changed. “The events log is getting refreshed every time during page navigation”. Is this normal in Piwik? I have set up the same configuration using GTM for GA4 and its working fine. I am really confused why the datalayer is not showing in debugger?

The Tag Manager debugger should display dataLayer values too. You can send me the site URL here or in a private message so I can verify this.