Debug Pop Up Does Not Appear


We recently made the jump from GA to Piwik Pro and we are experiencing an issue when launching the debug mode to test our newly created tags and triggers.

When clicking on the “debug” button" on the top right-hand corner of the tag manager section, our website does open in a new tab. However, the debug pop up does not appear. This makes it difficult for us to test tags and triggers.

We’re fairly new to Piwik Pro so the chances are we’re just missing something.

Any chance you have an idea as to what that might be?

In advance, thank you!

Kind regards,


Hi! Which installation did you use? Can you share the URL to the website?

Hello Kuba,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I first tried via GTM then I tried to hard-code it on the website. Unfortunately, neither made that debug mode pop-up window appear. Here is the URL of the website: Data Protection Institute

Can you spot the problem?

My first idea - I can see that you’re using some lazy loading plugin. Maybe that is causing the issue. Can you add the code directly to your theme just after the tag?

I can see also some errors in the browser’s console. Let’s start with fixing them.

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