Debug Pop Up problem

Good Morning,

We have configured the tags in the Tag Manager of Piwik Pro and we have also configured the cookies with One Trust, now we want to test to make sure that the tags activate the corresponding cookies according to the users choice.

But, we have encountered a problem and it is that when testing the tags the Debug is not activated (the popup window does not open in which we can do the action and register the tag that is activated), we have two web environments one Pre (to do all the tests) and another Pro (web in production), we are currently using the Pre.

Can it be that the debug is not activated because to make the tag tests it has to be in the web environment in production?

We really appreciate your help with the resolution of this doubt.

How do you trigger the debug mode? Is the installation snippet loaded before consent? It’s needed to run the debugger.

The consent is loaded before the installation fragment. In case I have to adjust the debugger, how can I do it?

If the code isn’t loaded before consent, you won’t able to open the debugger. Most tags are triggering request to external resources - you can check them in browser’s console without using tag manager debugger.

Thank you for your response,
We have updated the web code so that the Piwik pro code is activated first, but still the Debbug is not activated.
Is it something to do with testing in a pre web environment?

It’ll be hard to debug without access to a website where it can be reproduced.

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Now i am verifying the tags, but they are not activated and do not appear in the debug overview, i have verified the tags configuration but i have followed the instructions of Piwik Pro, do you know what could be happening? @kuba

Please share your current configuration for this website. What tags are defined there? In general, if tag is created within the UI, it should be available right away in the debug mode. Are you sure that your comparing same websites?

Hello @kuba
the problem is that I have some events configured through google tag manager (trigger: Datalayer event) and when I’m testing with the debug the tags are not activated (see images in attachments)
Captura debug piwik

But looking at the debbug tracking report I see that they are registering.

I have configured the tags using Piwik’s tag manager following the instructions and the triggers are of the datalayer event type.
Checking in the console I only see this error:

Also when i check the custom events report, the ones that correspond to the tags that were configured in the piwik pro tag manager are not registered.

  1. What is your current datalayer? Could you paste it (without values, those are not important)?
  2. What’s your trigger definition to read the datalayer event?
  3. Are you sure that you did consent before testing? This tag requires consent for Analytics.
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Many thanks! @kuba
The problem was due to the acceptance of cookies, I have tried removing it and the tags are activated correctly.

Hello @kuba,

We had made all the changes and tested in the previous environment of our website and the debugging was working as we had added the One Trust code after the Piwik Pro code, but now when we moved it to the production environment the debugging is not working, we have checked the code and it is identical in both environments as it was before (and it was working), we have accepted the cookies because the tags need approval to be activated.
But we do not understand what could be happening because when we see in the analytics reports if data is being collected but the debbug is not activated in production to finish checking that the tags configured in the Tag Manager are also activating in production correctly.
Does it have to do with the fact that we have to republish the tags in the tag manager so that the debbug can be activated in the production environment? Do you know what could be the cause?

Many Thanks.

Hi. No, you don’t have to publish tags to be able to open the debug mode. Without direct access to the website it will be hard to guess what’s the problem here.

Could you tell me what access type do you need to check and how be able to sent to you?

Just the website where you encounter issues with the debug mode. :slight_smile:

I have found that what was going wrong, was that we did not update the domain correctly in administration. Many Thank you @kuba!