Debug view - Filter on more dimensions

When using the debug view I’ve resorted to use this script to find my visitor ID so I can debug my piwik implementation.

var visitor_id;
_paq.push([ function() { visitor_id = this.getVisitorId(); }]);

It’s a bit tiresome, but it works well enough on desktop. But it’s pretty much impossible to find my session in the debug mode for mobile.

It would be amazing if you added “utm_campaign” as a filter as well. Then I can just write mywebsite(.)com/utm_campaign=piwik_debug and find it instantly.


Hi @alexanderf,

You can use any URL parameter in your mobile device and use the URL contains filter option in tracker debugger.
I use it a lot this way.


Awesome, should have tested that myself! Thanks a ton Richard :slight_smile: