Sharepoint: debugging and getVisitorId


I’m starting to work on Sharepoint but I’m having some issues with debugging - since it doesn’t open - and pushing getVisitorId:

Can you help me understand why? What might be the problem?

Hi jjsmartins!

It seems like the tracking code (along with the _paq command queue) is not being added to the page.

  • Do you see any tracking requests to your Piwik PRO instance in the browser’s network tab?
  • Do you see the tracking data in the tracker debugger?
  • Are there any other errors visible in the console?

Hi Anthony,

  • I don’t see ppms.php on the network tab.
    But we have one other website where getVisitorId and the debugger work and I don’t see this file. Unless I load a page where I have events set up.

  • I see tracking data in the tracker debugger.

  • Yes. But none of them related with Piwik PRO.

Hi jjsmartins!

One additional question - are you using the official Piwik PRO SharePoint connector?


this is just a “keep me updated” comment :wink:. I guess this is another case of regular web tagging for a shareport site with issues. Mine are different (struggling with server side rendering, which is not really a Piwik PRO specific problem) but I hope to read something useful in this context anyway…


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Yes, anthonybartczak, we are using the official connector.