Dedicated pre-checked consent category for necessary cookies

I see, I have another question. I want to set up my own Cookie, ( with the necessary cookies my website needs to function technically)

which category of the tag options can I choose, to set up a previously market cookie with the text of which cookies strictly necessary …

Like the marked option, with the text that include this necessary cookie

This cookies are automatically load as strictly necessary cookies, therefore I just want to inform the visitors that they are automatically loaded…

How can I add that information to my consent pop up?

I moved your question to a dedicated topic.

It’s not required to add a pre-checked box for necessary cookies - you indeed need them for the website to work. I’d simply add this information to the default text presented while asking for consent. You can use bold font to make it more visible.

Alternatively you can use custom consent form to fully customize the look & feel.

this doc doesn’t describe what you see when you follow the steps – obsolete?

Ready to use examples are available here (together with a live demo for modal and bottom bar).