Default settings of Piwik PRO Core

The default settings are optimized for quick start for the most common use cases. Please review carefully before installing Piwik PRO Core tag on your website to check if you need adjust some of the settings to match your needs and requirements.

Before installing tracking tag, remember to link your privacy policy page in the consent window. You can do it by going to Consent Manager → Consent templates → Edit template and editing the properties of “View Privacy Policy” link.

1. Consent Manager is enabled by default, pre-loaded with the legal language for the following languages:
English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese

The language of the consent message is determined based on the browser (computer) settings of the visitor. In case the language isn’t matched to any of the above, the default, English consent message is displayed.

The consent window will be displayed to all visitors. You can change it to display it only to visitors from EEA countries and UK in Consent Manager section of website settings (Menu → Administration → Websites & Apps → select your website).

Check how to turn off Consent Manager.

2. Anonymous analytics mode is enabled by default.

This means, you will collect full visitor statistics for people who give their consent and session-based statistics for the rest.

Check out other tracking options available.

3. Default dashboards in analytics. You will see the following default dashboards in analytics:

  • Marketing performance overview - shows overview of your marketing activities’ effectiveness
  • Paid media - focuses on paid media campaigns and their performance
  • SEO - focuses on organic traffic and search engine visibility
  • Website performance - shows the page load speed and other related metrics
  • User engagement - shows user engagement metrics & your most engaging content

The above dashboards will be preloaded for every website that you add to your Piwik PRO Core instance. Check out how organize data with dashboards.