Disabled Use visitor cookies but still cookies?

I have disabled the option Use visitor cookies (enabled Use a session ID).

But it seems that PiwikPro is still using cookies? I see the piwik.pro domain listed whem I look at cookies in use at the website with PiwikPro installed. The cookies in the map mydomain.piwik.pro all look like this:


There are 10 of these cookies and they seem to expire after around 6 months?

So why does PiwikPro use these cookies when I enabled the option Use visitor cookies?

Those cookies are created while visiting Piwik PRO’s UI. Domain match makes them appear.

I don’t understand. I have these settings:

  • Tag manager>Tags>PiwikPro>Privacy>Use visitor cookies>disabled
  • Administration>Site&Apps>website>Privacy>Use visitor cookies>disabled

So I have switched off using cookies twice. But I do see these cookies being set by PiwikPro:

  • stg_last_interaction
  • stg_returning_visitor

Why are these cookies set when I choose the disable visitor cookies?

Also, I get this error warning in Develloper tools/Console:

ppms.js:12 The method disableCookies is registered more than once in “_paq” variable. Only the last call has an effect. Please have a look at the multiple Piwik trackers documentation

To get rid of these error I have to switch to these settings:

  • Tag manager>Tags>PiwikPro>Privacy>Use visitor cookies>enabled
  • Administration>Site&Apps>website>Privacy>Use visitor cookies>disabled

So I have 3 questions:

  • Why are these cookies set at all, since I have disabled visitor cookies?
  • The error warning in console; is that a problem or just ignore that?
  • When cookies are enabled in Tag Manager but disabled in the Site/Privacy setting then the Tag Manager setting is overruled by the Site setting?

A lot of questions, but I need to understand this so I can explain it to me customers, I have some critical ones… :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help,

  1. First of all, perform your tests always in incognito mode. As I said, many of these cookies are created by you while browsing product’s UI (e.g. checking reports, configuring tracking). It’s because we use Piwik PRO to analyze what users are doing within the UI to optimize the UX.
  2. You can ignore the error, but most likely you’re doing something that shouldn’t happen. Our consent manager controls the disableCookies flag for you and most likely you’re forcing that as well directly in the tag manager. The setting to disable cookies makes sense only if you don’t use consent manager at all.
  3. Just one of those places is needed. Doing it twice will result in the mentioned error message. So, if you’re using consent manager to control cookies setting, disabling them directly in tag manager will disable them fully before and after consent. I guess you’d like to avoid the latter.