Google Tag Manager installation

Hi All,

If I have installed my Piwik container via Google Tag Manager do I need to HAve the tas for basic tracking set up in the Piwik Tag Manager as well? will this not create double page views recordings ? Also when I try to launch the debug it open a page with my website but not the debugger window could that be becuse of the missing basic tag?


In most cases you should install the code one way. If you’ve managed to set it properly with Google Tag Manager and you see the events in the tracker debugger - you are set.
For the debugging part - make sure you are using tracker debugger within Piwik PRO account (go to Menu - Analytics - Settings - Tracker debugger, properly installed code and any traffic on your page will result in records showing up here.

Hi Tyme, thanks for your answer, I have installed only with GTM in the tracker debugger I see page view but not custom events