Dynamic IP's: how to exclude visits from colleagues?


I would like to exclude visits from my own colleagues from the stats. As we use dynamic IP’s it is not possible to filter on IP address. Are there other ways to ignore visits by colleagues (with a cookie maybe)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Hugo,

If you know the range of the IP addresses which you and your colleagues use you can always use a wildcard for example 1.2.3.*

Please have a look at this article -

If this doesn’t help you can always create segments to filter out traffic with specific criteria. For example a specific referrer URL or a specific query parameter which would be added to the url when you and your team enter the website - you can add logic which would add a session custom dimension whenever this query parameter is present and later you just create a segment to filter out traffic with this custom dimension.


while we are still waiting for blocking triggers to come true in Piwik PRO tag manager, you would have to adjust all firing triggers to contain an additional condition that only allows tags to be triggered when there is no “blocking cookie”… If you want to prevent the data to be created instead of segmenting out internal users from reports by using a dimension with that cookie value.

As an example: You can add a custom HTML tag that creates a cookie “internal” with the value “true” whenever a URL contains a param “internal=1”. This tag can fire on every page under that condition, as early as possible. If someone wants to set this cookie, just add “?internal=1” to any URL on your site and the cookie will be created and live as long as the browser allows. Add the parameter to a bookmark that you use to open your own website to make sure the cookie is refreshed every time you enter.

But: adjusting all existing triggers can be hard. Populating a dimension is easy - pick your favourite or wait for blocking triggers :grin:

Hope that helps,


Thank you! That’ll be useful for the time being.

Thank you! I will try.

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