Exporting data from Dashboards using the API


Is it possible to export data from Dashboards using the API ?

I can only see the CSV, XML, JSON… options ?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Fredric!

Yes, you can export both the raw and report data. See the image below:

Detailed documentation is available here.

Hi Kuba,

Thank you. I had seen that for custom reports, but I can’t find it for custom dashboards. I only have the the CSV, XML, JSON… options.

OK, now I see what you mean. Such option isn’t available currently but technically it makes sense. I’ll forward your feedback to the product team. Adding it shouldn’t be a big deal.

As a workaround for now, you can create a similar custom report to access the API call definition. You can also work directly with the API and docs.

Thank you Kuba. Another Question. When I apply a segment in custom reports, I don’t see it in the API call. Is it possible to export data that include a segment with the API (With view API call definition) ? If not, how can I retrieve the segmented data that I see in the UI using the API ?

Sounds like a very nice change request. Indeed, that could be included by default.

For now, you have to use API docs to apply appropriate filters.