Feature Request: Display Cookie List via HTML snippet

Hi there,

I just stumbled across a cool feature from Onetrust cookie consent management which makes their customers’ life a lot easier. It would be great if you could consider offering such feature as well.

As you probably know, a GDPR requirement is to show the used cookies on a given website to the user. Onetrust has the option to do this automatically (which can be a pretty painful process when being done manually) which is extremely helpful in terms of maintenance since the cookie information on this webpage is always up-to-date.

If you take a look at this webpage, you will find text and table showing all used cookies: https://store.pwc.it/en/footer/cookie
The entire content is being rendered automatically by using a simple HTML tag:

<!-- OneTrust Cookies List start -->
<div id="ot-sdk-cookie-policy"></div>
<!-- OneTrust Cookies List end -->

It would be super cool if Piwik would offer this too in one of the next releases.

Let me know if you have questions!

Best regards

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Cookiebot has a similar feature.

However, I would much rather see the ability for Piwik Pro to integrate and use other consent management platforms. For example by listening to dataLayer pushes…

Hi @Julian, thank you for bringing this up! Piwik PRO Consent Manager is executing a different approach than what we call “cookie managers”. We don’t control the cookies, but rather we control execution of the tags, that are placing those cookies. You may say we control that on a higher level.

Of course we know it is important to be able to get that information for presenting on the website, so we provide additional mechanism, that can perform automatic audit of your website cookies and provide you with a report, you can use it here:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @Brian_Clifton - great that you mention this. We already provide tags for integrating OneTrust to our Enterprise plan customers - and it works exactly as you described. Since OneTrust is posting its info as dataLayer events, it is easy to integrate those with Piwik PRO.

@Michael Agreed - what cookies are set is not really the point of privacy laws. It is what data is sent that counts, whether such hits use cookies or not is irrelevant. That said, cookie declaration tables are a requirement of GDPR.

For transparency, I am the founder of verified-data.com. It scans website pages/network requests for pixel and cookie auditing.

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FYI, Cookiebot is very similar to OneTrust is approach so maybe worth while investigating if they can produce a Piwik tag template. Currently you can use a custom HTML script.

I think Piwik just need some documentation here and in the help areas about this. I found nothing on the topic other than this thread…


@Brian_Clifton thanks for the feedback, this is indeed something useful and we’ll pass this on our product teams to look into it!

Thanks @Michael. My idea stems from (what @Brian_Clifton already replied) the legal requirement by GDPR to display the cookies that are being used. And since “you” are dropping them on our site, “you” know best which cookies are being used - therefor providing a comprehensive overview would be a handy feature for all those admins required to list the cookies on their sites :slight_smile: