Feature Request: Being able to use Trigger Groups in Tag Manager

One of the things I stumbled upon when migrating from Google Tag Manager to Piwik PRO is the absence of Trigger Groups in Piwik’s tag manager. For a dwell time conversion (qualitative visit with 25% scroll and 15 sec. visit time) I am using this solution, but I do have another case where this might be helpful:

I’m using Facebook events to track conversions, but I only want to fire these tags when the user has given marketing consent*. In GTM I was able to build a trigger group that only fired the FB custom event tag when:

  1. a conversion happened and
  2. marketing consent was given by the user.

For now I’ve followed the above mentioned solution, but doing this for more custom events means adding loads of different data layer events, triggers and tags. It would be easier to be able to use trigger groups or to be able to add multiple triggers to a tag using ‘and’ instead of ‘or’.

*) I am aware of this feature request and yes, implementing the posibility of displaying a list of cookies would solve this specific use case. However, this is not the only use case for trigger groups which is why I’m adding this feature request. :wink:

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@michiel thanks for the additional context and another use case. We also see the value in Trigger Groups. I was consulting this matter with our technical team, however, we are not able to provide any details about the potential implementation yet.

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