Flow report - titles?

Hi All - It seems like with Flow reports it’s not possible to customize the name of each event in a flow. As an author maybe I will remember that step 1 is this event and step 2 is that event, but no one else who is viewing this can possibly understand. Am I missing something?

Hi @michaelf, welcome to the community!

True, this feels like an oversight as we’ve given the ability to name the steps in Funnel report. I’ve submitted a feature request so that it is also possible in User Flow.

I’m not sure how your data is structured but maybe it makes sense to give more meaningful names to your events and choose to aggregate the steps by “Custom event name”?

Let me know what you think!

Thanks Piotr I will try your suggestion. +1 on the feature request.

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This did help @piotr thank you

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Great to hear @michaelf. I’ve seen that this request was passed over to the design team already. Be sure to check out our changelog from time-to-time :slight_smile: