Funnel report with regex matching and multiple conversions

I have a website with a lot of events. Visitors can register to an event.
The URL structure looks like this:

  1. /{event-id}/{event-slug}/overview
  2. /{event-id}/{event-slug}/register/step-1
  3. /{event-id}/{event-slug}/register/step-2
  4. /{event-id}/{event-slug}/register/step-3
  5. /{event-id}/{event-slug}/register/registered => this is the confirmation page

I’ve created a custom funnel report which includes the above funnel (step 1, 2,3 and registered) based on regex matching to match only the last part of the URL path (excluding /{event-id}/{event-slug}).

But I have the idea that the results aren’t accurate. What happens for example when visitors register for 1 event and enters the funnel for a second event and drops out?

So their flow would look like this:

  1. /1/event-1/register/step-1
  2. /1/event-1/register/step-2
  3. /1/event-1/register/step-3
  4. /1/event-1/register/registered
  5. … (some other pages)
  6. /2/event-2/register/step-1
  7. /2/event-2/register/step-2 => here they leave the site

I would expect 1 conversion and 1 drop-off.
Can somebody confirm that it works like this?

If the user enters the very same funnel (that has been already fully converted) during the same session, the additional steps won’t be counted. So in your case, 6 and 7 won’t be registered in the funnel at all. You will just see +1 for all of the steps in the funnel generated by this single visitor (points 1-4). New funnel events will be registered once we have a new session, which happens by default after 30 mins of inactivity (no events sent to the analytics backend).

Thanks @kuba

And what about this scenario (first a drop-off, and afterwards a conversion):

  1. /2/event-2/register/step-1 => start funnel event 2
  2. /2/event-2/register/step-2 => drop-off
  3. … (some other pages)
  4. /1/event-1/register/step-1 => start new funnel (event 1)
  5. /1/event-1/register/step-2
  6. /1/event-1/register/step-3
  7. /1/event-1/register/registered => conversion

And would it make a difference if it was the same event? Like this

  1. /1/event-1/register/step-1 => start funnel
  2. /1/event-1/register/step-2 => drop-off
  3. … (some other pages)
  4. /1/event-1/register/step-1 => restart funnel
  5. /1/event-1/register/step-2
  6. /1/event-1/register/step-3
  7. /1/event-1/register/registered => conversion

Depends of the configuration for the steps. If you have a wildcard (regexp) for the event number, the second attempt to go through that path would register only step 3 and 4 (conversion), and thus, fully convert the funnel. To keep it clean, I’d create separate funnels for those events. Alternatively, you could also play a bit with user flow to visualize it in a different way.

I do have wildcards because I have hundreds of new events per year. I’m not so interested in the data per event, but I’m trying to detect issues in the registration funnel. Therefore I want to know when people dropoff.