Funnel Report dosent show customer event

Hello eveyone,

i have a question if i create funnel report with customer events. If i change the option from Directly after previous step to Indirectly after previous step will be show the cutomer event if doesnt switch then show it 0

Steps Directly after previous step:

  1. page view → 7
    2 Customer event → 0
    3 page view → 0

Steps Indirectly after previous step:

  1. page view → 7
    2 Customer event → 4
    3 page view → 4


Hi. That means that there were no sessions in which “customer event” happened right after the page view. There might be multiple reasons, but most likely some other event (like built-in scroll) happened in between. You can quickly check that by creating a User Flow report with same events (Page view → Any event).

Hi kuba,

thanks will do that. In the user flow report we had two options Non-strict mode and strict mode. What is the different of this two option? . If i switch to Non-strict mode then count the event if i change to strict mode then dosent count the event.



It works similarly to the direct / indirect steps in funnels.