Prevent page reload not working and event not firing


I’m switching from GA3 to Piwik one of my customers and I’m having this problems on setting up an event.

  1. Event tag trigger is a ‘form submission trigger’ I’ve configured it like in Google Tag Manager: event conditions → when conditions are met → Form ID → equals → ID of the form

When I go in debug mode:

  1. I activate ‘Prevent page reload’ and it works on normal links but when I submit the form the page reloads so I’m not able to debug

side notes:

  1. In parallel I have two events firing for the same form submit: one for facebook and one for GA3 do they create problems for Piwik? They are working fine.

  2. Piwik container is injected using Google Tag Manager (all the contaniner)



maybe there’s not enough time for all tags to fire? However, the default 500ms should be enough IMO. Try changing this setting (available in Administration) to a higher value:

It should also make it easier to debug.

You can also set up a separate tag with same triggers and test it wich console.log to make sure that everything’s fine with triggers.

Hello @kuba Thankyou. I’ve tried to use 2000 in Delay loading the next page but nothing.
Also I don’t know why only this special form is not blocked by the function in the Debugger.
I’ve changed the trigger from Form submission to click on the button and it now works.

I’m interested in solving the issue making some test. Is there a way to Debug on a staging area and not on the actual website?


You can create a new site in the panel and use it as staging. Tags, triggers and variables can be easily copied between sites.

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