Get error blocked by client

Hi! I am new using Piwik pro.
I just created a new Consent manager, and my plan was to display this in one WordPress playground.
I followed the steps, and installed the Piwik. pro plugin. Activated the container.
But I don’t get the Window at my site. And I get at the console this error: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
It looks like my default browser settings (Chrome) block the piwik code.

The playground is here:

I tried also with the script at the body, but I got the same result.

If somebody knows how to resolve this basic problem.

Hi @Mariana!

Some browsers (or their particular settings) or browser extensions block the entire Piwik PRO container, so it doesn’t load at all. The easisest way is to disable the blocking mechanism.

I see.
Thanks for your answer.