Getting more than 100000 rows on a query API call


I am working on a Power BI report using the Piwik Pro REST API.
I am not using the Piwik Connector for several reasons:

  • The REST API does not require to open ports from the Power BI Gateway to the REST API endpoint
  • I have more control over the behaviour of the REST API than the connector (for example, hability to use to_path and to_domain functions, more flexibility with filters …).

The only thing I am struggling with is the 100000 rows per query limitation.
From my tests, the connector seems to be able to bypass this limit, but I don’t know how.

I did not find any information regarding how to handle this limitation in the documentation (I thought there might be some pagination features).
I have thought of a workaround (looping over a list of days with one query per day), but if someone here has a better idea, or know if it is possible to paginate over a call, I’d be glad to read from you.



I got an answer for Piwik support team: it is possible to use the offset property to handle this limitation!